Safe sunglasses for kids

Get to know ITOOTI

The manufacturer of ITOOTI sunglasses is Tootiny, which has been operating on the market for over 20 years, specializing in children's products.


The world through the eyes of a child

ITOOTI are durable, stylish and safe sunglasses for children. They provide the highest protection for the child's eyes, and at the same time comfort during their activities. The combination of carefully designed models with children's colors creates the fashionable design of the ITOOTI collection.

TOOTINY Classic Black

TOOTINY Classic Blue

TOOTINY Classic White

TOOTINY Classic Pink

TOOTINY Classic Red

TOOTINY Classic Green


Choose colour and size

Choose stylish ITOOTI sunglasses for your child. A detailed description of the dimensions will help in choosing your size.

Safe and durable sunglasses for children

A professionals point of view

ITOOTI sunglasses guarantee 100% protection against the full UV spectrum (including UVA, UVB, UVC). They are made of high quality materials resistant to impact and scratches. Lenses according to EU standards cover the category category # 3. Super flexible rubber frames are available for children. ITOOTI did not break even though the children willingly bend them in their hands.

100% UV protection

Be safe playing in the sun